TOPS Winners for 2018!  Lance Simons, Haskell, Rosa Webster, TECO, the SCOAR Safety Committee, and Randy Bakel, SCOAR, presented the SCOAR Safety Awards for 2018.

ProServ Industrial Award Accepted by: Eric Allen

Less Than or Equal to 60,000 Work-Hrs Annually

Wood. Award  Accepted by: Larry Myers & Mittie Cannon

Greater Than 60,000 and Less than 250,000 Work- Hrs. Annually

Thompson Construction Award Accepted by: Bill Bryant, Brian Stancil, Marty Jones, Tommy Boswell, & Greg Thompson

Greater than 250,000 and Less than 750,000 Work-Hrs Annually

Terracon Award Accepted by: Bob Cords & Jim Wright

Greater than 750,000 Work-Hrs Annually

SCOAR Scholarship Winners for 2018!


Thanks to all of our Golf/Fishing Tourney Sponsors and SCOAR Members, we were able to award $27,500 in Scholarships this Year!

SCOAR Construction Management Scholarship

Congratulations to Cody Bass, University of Florida, Rinker School of Construction, winner of a 2018 SCOAR Construction Managment Scholarship–$6000.  Presented by Steve Greene, NCCER/BYF-Build Your Future, with Jim Sullivan, U of F Rinker School .  Thanks to NCCER/BYF, 2018 Construction Managment Scholarship Sponsor.

SCOAR Engineering Scholarship

Congratulations to Nathalia Porto, University of South Florida, winner of a 2018 SCOAR Engineering Scholarship–$6000.  Presented by Jody Johnson,  Moretrench , with Tim Murphy, U of SF.  Thanks to Moretrench, 2018 Engineering Scholarship Sponsor.


SCOAR Safety Professional Scholarships


Congratulations to Tyler Sansone, Southeastern Louisiana University, winner of a 2018 SCOAR Construction Safety Professional Scholarship–$2500.  Presented by Lance Simons, Boyd Worsham, Haskell, and Rosa Webster, TECO.  Thanks to Haskell, 2018 Safety Professional Scholarship Sponsor. 

SCOAR Skilled Trades Scholarships

SCOAR presented 13 Skilled Trades Scholarships valued at $1000 to Skills USA.   Accepting for Skills USA was Jessica Graber.  Thanks to Sponsors– Fluor (2); Next Generation Scaffolding (2); Avalotis; Bradley Sales; BYF/NCCER;  Ironworkers SE District Council/Impact; PTS-Performance Technical Services; Saulsbury Industries; Southeastern Construction & Maintenance; Tampa Electric; & Zachry.

Skills USA Announced the Following SCOAR Skilled Trades Scholarship Winners—

Juan Badillo, Gwinnett Tech, GA;  Peyton Bailey, Summertown HS, TN;  Preston Bethea, Elmore Co Tech Ctr, AL;  Charles Bozarth, Etowah Co Career Tech Ctr, AL;  Blake Conner, Bunn HS, AL;  Joshua Couey, AP Brewer HS, AL; Michael Evans, Tenn College of Applied Tech;  Parker Gillespie, West Henderson HS, NC;  Logan Hatten, Gulfport HS, MS;  Shawn Mcquade, Pinellas Tech College, FL;  Austin Noack, Bearden HS, AK;  McKenna Pippen, Jones Co Junior College, MS;  Hunter Radford, Blacksburg HS, VA;  John Smith, Guildford Tech Comm College, NC;  Sierra Villalvazo, Arkansas State University Mountain Home;  & Ashton White, Rowan-Cabarrus Comm College, NC.



Fluor–Dean Hamrick–2 Scholarships            


Next Generation Scaffolding–Troy Burrows–2 Scholarships     

Avalotis–Art Avialiotis

Bradley Sales–Debbie & Chuck Bradley

BYF/NCCER-Build Your Future–Dan Belcher

Impact/Ironworkers SE–Kenny Waugh


PTS Performance Technical Services–Ryan, Lily, Aaron, Stuart, Denise, Ron, and Capt Chris Ramsden

Saulsbury Industries–Randy Bakel accepting for Jameel Allen


Southeastern Construction & Maintenance–Brian Brogen


TECO–Patrick Duffy & Rosa Webster


Zachry–Marc Gonzales & Donnie Wheeler