Membership Information

What Owner members are saying

“Tampa Electric continues to be an active SCOAR member because SCOAR delivers first class educational content and provides networking with fellow owners, contractors, and suppliers.  SCOAR delivers superior value compared to many other industry associations.”  Patrick Duffy, TECO “SCOAR Membership provides an opportunity to build and enhance relationships with both contractors and other owners. SCOAR provides an excellent forum to address construction industry strategic issues such as safety, workforce development, and project risk mitigation. SCOAR brings a timely focus to the issues that the construction industry faces at any given point in time through report-outs, forum discussions and updates. SCOAR provides the mechanism and positive atmosphere that allows open and frank discussions on sensitive topics and how owners and contractors can better work together to be successful.”  Keith Russell, Oglethorpe Power Co  

Membership Benefits

SCOAR Membership Benefits Include:

  • Any Member Company employee(s) can attend without additional charge our three Program Meetings/Year—Networking Opportunities—Business!!
  • 12-20 Different Speakers on topics of current relevance
  • Access to past speaker Presentation Library, Membership Directory including contact information, and Committee Activities & Blogs through “Members Only” web access.
  • Advertising and linkage from this SCOAR web site to Members’ sites
  • Discounted fee to display at Program Meetings
  • Opportunity to present “Members Showcase” at a meeting
  • Participate in Key Activities & Committees
  • Access to CURT Publications and Resources
  • Access to CURT Initiatives like Owners Safety Blueprint, Lean Project Delivery
  • Each program meeting includes breakfast, lunch, and one or more social networking event(s).
  • Opportunity to build relationships and trust with industry customers, suppliers, and peers in a positive, constructive, learning atmosphere.



Membership Types

SCOAR has four Membership Types—All are Company Memberships: Owner Members—are those organizations that purchase engineering/construction/maintenance related goods and services in order to conduct business and meet enterprise objectives (manufacturers, utilities, processors, etc.). They normally purchase such goods and services from organizations which would be eligible for membership as an Associate, Affiliate, or Subscriber. Associate Members—are those organizations that sell or deliver engineering/construction/maintenance related goods or services as an important element of their business enterprise objective. Affiliate Members—are those organizations that have an interest in the engineering/construction/maintenance industry and desire to affiliate with the association. Subscriber Members—consist of individual, sole proprietor, specialty consultant, one-person companies who have an interest in local engineering/construction/maintenance improvement objectives.  They normally will be helping the other member classes with improvement/consulting services. This is not intended for individuals in larger than one person companies who want to join individually.


Membership Application

A company wanting to join SCOAR will fill out the Membership Application form and submit it with a check (or credit card payment–call 864-633-4883) to SCOAR, c/o Steve Greene, 501 Old Greenville Highway, Suite 8, PMB 393, Clemson, SC 29631. The SCOAR Board of Directors is presented with the Application for Membership and a majority must approve it. Please download the form SCOARMemApp-2020, fill out & return to the SCOAR office or , or complete the following and submit 

I hereby apply for membership in the Southeastern Construction Owners & Associates Roundtable, Inc. - SCOAR as an:

Each Owner, Associate, & Affiliate Member Company may have as many individuals attend meetings and participate in committee activities under the Company dues payment as they wish w/o additional Meeting charges. There may be additional meeting charges for special events.

The Member Company’s logo is placed on the SCOAR web-site with a link to its home page.

SCOAR is affiliated with the Construction Users Roundtable—CURT.

Owner, Associate, and Affiliate Dues are per company and are not refundable. Subscriber Dues are for one person companies. Dues are billed on a calendar year basis and are pro-rated.

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Make checks payable to Southeastern Construction Owners % Associates Roundtable, Inc. and mail to:
501 Old Greenville Highway, Suite 8, PMB 393
Clemson, SC 29631

Questions? Call the SCOAR office at 864-633-4883. We’ll be glad to help!