SCOAR Meetings

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SCOAR  holds three one-day Program Meetings per year, in different locations in the Southeastern US.  Member feedback is universally very favorable!  SCOAR committees are actively engaged with SAFETY, WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT, and BEST PRACTICE issues and opportunities for our members.  Each Meeting has seven to ten Agenda topics that are:

–Suggested by our committees

–Requested by our Members through the Meeting Feedback process or individually.

–Suggested by Members of our Program Committee.

–Company Showcase presentations designed to better acquaint the rest of the membership with that member organization and its construction activities.

–Owner Update presentations that provide the membership with the upcoming project activities for one of our Owner members.

–Group Activities where we break into small groups, discuss an issue or opportunity and then hear the several groups results in summary.

 Presentations are filled with questions and answers.  Discussions get the benefit of the entire engineering/construction flow chain perspective and are not encumbered or constrained by any contractual obligations or fears.  Each Program Meeting provides opportunities to further build relationships with your customers, suppliers, and peers.

Summer “Virtual” SCOAR Meeting – July 30